Obscure Worlds by CMD

Obscure Worlds is a sci-fi-themed techno album where beneath the surface you find a selection of detailed techno vignettes that refuse to stand still.

Want to get a glimpse into a techno sound-design obsessive’s sketchbook?

In parallel to operating as one half of the duo act Mynude, Christos pursued several solo side projects where he chose to explore the boundaries of his creativity. One of them CMD, Obscure Worlds. A long player album-length auditory trip brought to life from years of experience and inspiration in busy and unforgiving city of London. A city that never sleeps.

It is from here that inevitably he drew influence and stimulus to create a continuously evolving and intensifying experience that can be equally exhilarating as mind-bending. Each feature has a distinct attention to detail that seems to get better on every listen.

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Format: Digital

Cat. No.: SRRDGTL008

a glimpse into a techno sound-design obsessive’s sketchbook

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