Alex Tomb & Marianne in the Woods - Probabilities & Unorganized Harmonics

Alex Tomb - A Cyprus born artist where from a young age was part of the local electronic music scene in Cyprus and where he enjoys a steady and growing fan base. Alexis chose to explore new ideas and expand his horizons bringing him to the United Kingdom where he spent a few years studying music and falling deeper into production. Soon after and inevitably enough he listened to his Berlin calling where he soon became an active member of the electronic music community helping create new conecpts and collaborations and promote local and international talent. For the first time we have the absolute honour of being part of Alexis beautiful and complex journey into a world of probabilities and unorganized harmonics.

The project was conceptualized about 3 years ago and since then produced between 2013 - 2016. As the title may suggest, the main idea and concept was really the extensive research and application of unconventional & generative digital sequencers and systems such as Nodal and Numerology, where probabilities of chosen settings be triggered based of certain predefined predicates. This allowed having detailed control of randomization creating a perfect fabric for unpredictability to take shape and form, always in harmony with the rest of the elements, creating layers, textures and rhythms, never heard before.

The quality and the importance of the sound sources was key; ethnic instruments and percussion, western music orchestral sounds, combined with modern electronic drums and production techniques to create unique electroacoustic sonorities. Nonetheless and irrespective of the artistic and experimentational approach, the process and the result was really a personal, deep and meditative journey that manifests itself over an 8 track album rich in harmonics, melodies and always driven by rhythmic elements.

A limited CD-R only album comes in a beautiful white gatefold box designed by our creative lead Julien Vassiades.

"Marianne decided one day to catch Apparat Band for a live concert in Berlin in 2013. While going home, the inspiration was so evident that she had to do something about it. She had already in mind at the time to create something special, a concept project with specific tools and specific vision, so this was the ignition of the flame that would trigger something big. During that time, Marianne didn’t have a permanent home and was wondering around, from place to place until she could find something suitable. She didn’t have a studio either but she had to extract those feelings immediately after the show. She opened her laptop, connected it to a Hi-Fi player, initialized her (very important to this project) tools, and started composing musical sketches. In 2-3 days Marianne had already enough material that would later take form & shape, and would be the main core of this LP. Ideas like 3-note chords hitting randomly in space and time, forming the skeleton of 3 separate pieces from the album, but used cleverly in different ways, and so on. Alex then takes care of the rest, and this story unfolds…"

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
Gatefold full-color CD-R / Digital - Format
Artefacts Mastering - Mastering
SRRLP002 - Catalogue Code
9th December 2016 - Release date

An atmospheric journey that unravels through emotions of a certain character and personality.

Selected Feedback

"Outstanding album. Every track is a journey on its own, but together they melt to the immersive experience."

Ray Kajioka
"Nice one long player! One of the better promos of the last 4 weeks… refreshing! Also, potential material for a movie's soundtrack, I think."

The Automatic Message
"Absolutely love this. Thank you!"

Leisure System
"Love this album! Fantastic stuff! lots of detail, energy, and focussed ideas.. lovely sounding record I look forward to putting on my headphones!"

"Probably the most beautiful and powerful album I had the opportunity to listen"

"Beautiful release"

LittleBig - Phil
"This sounds amazing on first listen- going to give it a proper one this afternoon whilst travelling. Thanks and congrats Alex!"

Nasti Moto
"Probabilities & Unorganized Harmonics feels like the love child of Terry Riley and the ancient spirit of a basement techno squat. Thank you for the journey."

Patrick Siech
"I must say this album really sucked me into the rabbit hole. It's a hypnotic and deep listening experience, where things never seems stop to evolve. It was a long time since I was so excited about doing remixes. Superb work!"

"I'm loving #1 - that voice is deep and haunting. Lovely stuff."

Joachim Spieth
"The opener is my favourite. The whole album is nice, but the 1st piece is definitely stunning - thanks for the music!"

"Exactly what I need in these days!"

"Alex' sound is taking you into deep spaces and atmospheric spheres, this album is the best example for his outstanding skills in this. I love it!"

Irakli (I/Y)
"Great one, thank you! #1 and #6 are something very special"

Tomash Ghz
"Beautiful mesmerising and hypnotic atmospheres, with a lot of detailed production. At the same time fully driving rhythms and bass lines that would rock big sound systems."