Dubit & Mynude - Essence

After 3 years season 1 comes to an end. The birth of concept that has led to the evolution of who we are today. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented artists that have been an inspiration to us helping us shape and form a part of our identity. That is because several reasons is not just about the music, it is about the experience; the exploration; the collaboration; the up times and the down times; the good times and the better times; for the journey…

Closing off the first season made no other sense than to seal it with a special collaboration from the owners of several reasons, Dubit & Mynude. An EP that that truly provokes and challenges boundaries of the stereotypical label of “music”. Covering all aspects of ambient, atmospheric and experimental types of sounds, the release really an experiment of psychoacoustics.

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
Soluxion Lab - Mastering
SRR005 - Catalogue Code
18 September 2015 - Release date