Dubit & Scalameriya - Instinct Incl. Dadub remix

The first release of Several Reasons comes from the talented Dubit and Scalameriya. The amalgamation of these two minds delivers a striking musical interpretation of the core essence and heart of Several Reasons. Seasoned veterans and formidable duo Dadub join the release to render an outstanding heavy dub-techno remix of an already brilliant track which is guaranteed to be one to listen again and again.

The first & lead track in this killer EP, "Instinct", starts with an almost machine-like feeling, trying to model the repetition and robot-like environment of everyday. Soundscapes being to grow and evolve to create a compelling atmosphere. Following on the B-side, "Prowl" takes a darker, deeper & more peculiar execution. With perplexing ambient voices in the background space, a growling synth and precise percussion works this track unfolds and delivers that much needed energy. Finally we have Dadub's own intepretation of "Instinct" which is packed with energy but with a broken-beat perspective. Where the sounds seem to stretch and skew, pan & modulate and give new life and meaning to an already accomplished track.

In this release we express how we are continually bombed by voices that try to conform us and how our mind digs deeper into our own heart to find the necessity to go over the barriers that we, ourselves built. This how we are and how we will stay. We walk in a crowd of voices and we are continually looking for a something that can maintain us hungry and rebellious against our bossy Ego.

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
Soluxion Lab - Mastering
SRR001 - Catalogue Code
06 May 2013 - Release date