VIBo - Algorithmic Composition

Following the paths of computer music, algorithmic composition is conceivably one of the true potentials of computers. This blog presents VIBo, an algorithmic composition tool developed in Java.

Arguably much of the algorithmic composition software developed so far has seen scarcely been used by composers other than the developers, VIBo is an attempt to create a compositional tool that is usable by novice and expert users and compatible with most third-party MIDI-enabled DAW applications. VIBo generates instruments sequences that are transmitted via MIDI and receivable in any sequencer software (e.g.Ableton Live!). This gives the flexibility to the users to select the instrument patches within the DAW software to meet their specific musical style spanning the genres of electronic dance music, techno, experimental and synth pop.

Further endeavors are set to develop an ‘Applied AI’ system capable of controlling applications designed to be used by songwriters for the composition of music in an attempt to study, experiment and assess the potential of systems as such.

Project VIBo is pursued by Christos Erotocritou (the one half of MYNUDE).