RAUM910 - Endless Echo

The sound, by its nature, is linked to a given moment of timespace and contributes to defining the character of that moment while giving its own uniqueness to that very context, able to carve our memories permanently.

But for the purposes of this, the echo of every sound is destined to fade and finally disappear over time. Through the field recordings we were able to capture sounds related to the past and present places of the city of Berlin, full of significance and containing millions of stories, and then reusing them as the basis for the composition of this album, taking the freedom to evade any kind of categorization and definition.

In this album, the sounds we recorded and the stories connected to them can escape their nature and spread over with an endless echo.

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
Soluxion Lab - Mastering
SRRDGTL002 - Catalogue Code
1st February 2014 - Releasae Date