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An audiovisual performance by mynude & VJ hash live at the Sophia Digital Arts festival. The performance was hosted in Sophia-Antipolis on the 5th April 2014.

The program of this extraordinary festival was the introduction of new disciplines to VJing, real-time visual programming, set design, the interaction between music and image, and electronic components currently in the scene. A rich program throughout the three days to promote the exchange of skills and knowledge and an opportunity to discover new technologies in art world and most of all have a good time!

The theme was an investigation into human fear. The idea starts from a new tech setup for live performing, surpassing the digital boundaries of impossible but with a good outlook in the end.


Audio/ Mynude
Video/ VJ Hash

Live a/v
Live audio video performance, duration: 1hr approx.

Several Reasons Recordings Live Project for Sophia Digital Arts Festival.
Concept by Fabrizio D'Amico and Christos Erotocritou

Special Thanks:
Bruce Lane, Sebastien M. & Sophia Digital Arts Crew

SRRLIVE003 // Balanced Live A/V

During an undefinied lapse of time, several events happen in the outside environment.
These phenomena are read and developed by the nervous system through a large number of synapse. This complex mass of electrochemical signals is received and read in different ways by the two cerbral hemispheres. Sometimes the interpretation differences are slight, other times they are more drammatical. The more these perceptive contrasts accentuated, the more the personal contradictions increase.

The contradictions are the whole of the feelings that cause malaise and emotional unbalancing inside the human soul. The arising of these negative sensations generates the wish to come back to an utopic balanced asset that, given the human imperfection, will never be possible to achieve.

The performance is based on the musicians improvised action. Like the neurons of a nervous system, they produce dynamic signals and send them variable toward a computer/brain. The computer, programmed to simulate the two cerebral hemispheres, tries to build up an univocal and specular representation of the perception but, because of its innate ambiguity, the image will never be balanced. 


Audio/ Dubit: BALANCE / Concrete Records Album CD

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BALANCED live a/v
Live audio video performance, duration: 45 min approx.

Several Reasons Recordings Live Project
concept by Alfeo Pier and Davide Di Franco

Daniele Guidazzi
Federica Maglioni
Stefano Fariselli
feat. by M.O.T.U. Proprio ac

Performed at:

- NODE15 Festival [DE] /
- FLUSSI Festival [IT] /


An Interactive Audio/Video Performance by Dubit & Sims.

"Fragmenti" is an exploration process of a daily system, a reflexion on the periodicity of humane established phenomena, a sonorous description of a person's existence.
Using a webcam, the user becames full part of the live set; he moves in space and affects various sound processing parameters and so beginning an aleatoric music composition.

The project is related to Dubit's Albums 2014.

Presented by:

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Fusion is the first Live PA collaboration between Dubit and Alhek. It's started in 2012 when the two producers met phisically in Berlin, the project has been developed in background for 7 mounths during the normal studio activity. Now it is complete and ready to be played and shared. This project is based on Techno, Breakbeat, IDM and Industrial sound, with a fresh musical approach and straight to the goal. The performance is built on Ableton Live, Dubit manages the structure and the construction of the beat while Alhek process the signals using sends fx to create atmospheres and new percussions, the "Fusion" is a sequence of powerful beats surrounded in psychedelic sound layers.

1. How important is it for you the study of sound?

DUBIT: The study of sound cannot be avoided; mainly because it comes from a maniacal interest of exploring the unexplored and distinguishing the quality. From the beginning, what I tried to master was the translation of my ideas and feelings into music and sounds, in the most accurate way. To study and to experiment with sound, brings me control over what I’m doing, and allows me to further evolve.
ALHEK: A must. For me it’s all about communicating my inner feelings and thoughts. The study of sound is determinant to reach this goal. In my productions is not about searching a definitive sound quality; I don’t care, it’s all about the process of matching sounds to my thoughts and feelings.

2. The project is called “Fusion”, why is that?

DUBIT: “Fusion” is probably the best name for this live PA. As I said before, the fusion occurs when blending each other’s sounds new ways but always with the approach of creating dancefloor music. The purpose is to stimulate people through the groove, giving movement and free interpretation of the own body, the result is a project characterized by improvising, power and futurism. 
ALHEK: Complete fusion in the building of the live PA, using sounds from both projects, blending them together, fusing also our own approach towards the performance. The result is different in the style of both Alhek and Dubit.

3. When did it come to you that you share similar styles with each other?

DUBIT: When we met the first time, immediately we shared our ways on producing music, sounds and particular moments. This was not a decision that was made but a natural evolution of our contact, and in the same time interest to create something unique and hybrid, drawing from our experiences with sound.
ALHEK: Actually, perhaps we are still trying to ascertain this! Our tastes in music completely match under some aspects but in others it is far from it. The musical and life background is very different as well, maybe it is just this that creates something special and unique, the merging of two similar opposites, if you can say that I suppose!

4. In a literal sense what does "making music" mean for you?

DUBIT: It means to communicate, to express with freedom, without limits or boundaries. It means the transfer of feelings, colours, images and thoughts.
ALHEK: I think the answer to this question is included in the previous.

5. What does the future hold for Dubit and Alhek?

DUBIT: Well, you can expect a lot of new collaborations and projects. The main one, for sure, is our LP, forthcoming on our label “Several Reasons Recordings”, a new ‘secret’ that we want to keep quiet for now. All this in the next months and years, stay tuned, you will not regret it. 
ALHEK: I can’t say exactly right now, we have a lot of projects on the run, but every day we get new ideas and motivations. Making a forecast is simply impossible.

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