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An audiovisual performance by mynude & VJ hash live at the Sophia Digital Arts festival. The performance was hosted in Sophia-Antipolis on the 5th April 2014.

The program of this extraordinary festival was the introduction of new disciplines to VJing, real-time visual programming, set design, the interaction between music and image, and electronic components currently in the scene. A rich program throughout the three days to promote the exchange of skills and knowledge and an opportunity to discover new technologies in art world and most of all have a good time!

The theme was an investigation into human fear. The idea starts from a new tech setup for live performing, surpassing the digital boundaries of impossible but with a good outlook in the end.


Audio/ Mynude
Video/ VJ Hash

Live a/v
Live audio video performance, duration: 1hr approx.

Several Reasons Recordings Live Project for Sophia Digital Arts Festival.
Concept by Fabrizio D'Amico and Christos Erotocritou

Special Thanks:
Bruce Lane, Sebastien M. & Sophia Digital Arts Crew