Krypt - Eternal Incl. Svarog & Mynude

Krypt a secretive musical project from Poland and as one of the newest additions to the SRR team, delivers a rich and delicate EP delivering sounds that range from techno rollers to experimental & abstract soundscapes with remixes by Svarog & Mynude. "Origin" is a broken-beat piece that transports you to the pre-human world, where everything was pure and free. You can hear and experience this world through the complex transforming textures whilst the beat only underlines the feeling of this immersive experience. 2 further interpretations of "Origins" are delivered by Mynude & Svarog.

Svarog typically bringing his standard hypnotic and meditative style whilst Mynude once again raising the energy levels to give that peak time raver track. "Coordinates" is a very abstract and raw track with complex multi-dimensional and psychedelic lead sounds where as "Before End" is one of the most melodic pieces from Krypt yet to come and is one that benefits from a regular structure and pleasant harmonies that certainly works excellent at peak rave times. Finally, the epitome of the release, "Eternal" is a hypnotic samba driven by heavy sub bass that unravels in to something beautiful that goes beyond common framework of genres and schemes and resonates deeply with the Several Reasons ethos.

Krypt aims to combine classic historical rhythms of the past with innovative sounds of the future by colliding droning ambiences, organic beats and sometimes small dose of harmonies and melodies; it's all done within the contemporary techno music framework. Rooted deeply in the underground, Krypt hides from exposure and wide publicity yet delivers only quality music which strives to be interesting and complex enough to satisfy the exclusive taste of experienced listeners.

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
SRRDGTL006 - Catalogue Code
3rd June 2016 - Release Date