Svarog - Adan Raltan Incl. Kanthor & Raven

Starting off 2016 we welcome our newest artist Svarog, Oleksa Moroz. In ancient script "Svarog" is said to be the Slavic deity of celestial fire and of blacksmithing. Oleksa combines saturated timbres, industrial sounds and atmospheric textures with often broken beats whilst mostly drawing inspiration from nature and architecture.

Shades of ambient, dub and authentic techno are the elements that characterize all tracks with the sounds emerging from this release being cinematic, intense and reminiscent of a foroetten time and place. Mike Haunte (a.k.a. Raven) and Kanthor offer their interpretations of the lead track of the release and deliver as always in impressive style.

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
SRRDGTL005 - Catalogue Code
4th March 2016 - Release Date