SpunOff - Heliocentric Travel

SpunOff - A madly ingenious act by Alexandre Oliviero that is fanatically dedicated to auditory exploration and pushing the boundaries of experimentation. A crazed demiurge of some primordial chaos of which the strings he pulls together out of a contemporary hysterical, schizophrenic mixture of the genres: techno, trance, jungle, minimal, house, ambient and noise. Such pushing of the boundaries can draw you into a state of cultic madness.

For this long player, Alexandre wanted to produce something that pushed his limits in terms of sound design and sound experimentation. A true journey and heliocentric travel through the solar system where SpunOff creates obscure atmospheres and intense situations that really create visual images of the darkness and ferociousness of the universe. A beautiful story from beginning to end and an ever evolving manifestation of what is in SpunOff's head...

spunoff heliocentric v10.png

Dephreq - Artwork
SRRDGTL008 - Catalogue Code
30 November 2018 - Release Date