hard techno

CMD - Obscure Worlds

In parallel to operating as one half of the duo act Mynude, Christos pursued several solo side projects where he chose to explore the boundaries of his creativity. One of them CMD, Obscure Worlds. A long player album-length auditory trip brought to life from years of experience and inspiration in busy and unforgiving city of London. A city that never sleeps. A continuously evolving and intensifying experience that can be equally exhilarating as mind-bending. Each feature has a distinct attention to detail that seems to get better on every listen.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL009
Release Date: 31 January 2019

SpunOff - Heliocentric Travel

SpunOff. A madly ingenious act by Alexandre Olievero that is fanatically dedicated to auditory exploration and pushing the boundaries of experimentation. A true journey and heliocentric travel through the solar system where SpunOff creates obscure atmospheres and intense situations that really create visual images of the darkness and ferociousness of the universe. A beautiful story from beginning to end and an ever evolving manifestation of what is in SpunOff's head...

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL008
Release Date: 30 November 2018

Wataru Abe - Substance

Wataru is a versatile musician and composer from Tokyo, Japan. He has a rich musical background having studied classic to jazz music theories at Berklee College of Music, and bunch of sound programming including MAX/MSP. As a solo artist, he focuses on generating sounds from mathematic algorithms such as life automata, strange attractors, and modifying them to physically perceivable beat.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL007
Release Date: 1 July 2016