Svarog - Adan Raltan Incl. Kanthor & Raven

Starting off 2016 we welcome our newest artist Svarog, Oleksa Moroz. In ancient script "Svarog" is said to be the Slavic deity of celestial fire and of blacksmithing. Oleksa combines saturated timbres, industrial sounds and atmospheric textures with often broken beats whilst mostly drawing inspiration from nature and architecture.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL005
Release Date: 4th March 2016

Kanthor - Res Extensa

Continuing on our journey into the deeper and more ambient side of techno we were glad to come across this little gem. A young artist, Alexandre Kanthor, that grasped our attention almost immediately with his ability to create mysterious cinematic atmospheres and subtle deep dark rhythms. The sounds throughout the album are mesmerizing, almost meditating in sense, creating emotions of happiness, sadness sometimes even fear. The tone is exactly on spot and the frequencies tend to be heavire on the lower end of the spectrum.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL004
Release Date: 6th November 2015