Svarog - Adan Raltan Incl. Kanthor & Raven

Starting off 2016 we welcome our newest artist Svarog, Oleksa Moroz. In ancient script "Svarog" is said to be the Slavic deity of celestial fire and of blacksmithing. Oleksa combines saturated timbres, industrial sounds and atmospheric textures with often broken beats whilst mostly drawing inspiration from nature and architecture.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL005
Release Date: 4th March 2016

Raven - Transcendent EP

Transcendent is the first step of a journey that departs previously existing rules for Raven's productions. Leaving all the expectations of a techno producer and the politics in the past, it's meant to be a listening experience that tells a story by personal interpretation of the presented audio and track names.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL003
Release Date: 20th February 2015

V/A - Vanadium

Just like a compound molecule, Several Reasons Recordings ties together artists of similar and diverse styles using the bonds that exist in the subatomic world. In this compilation we are presenting a series of artists that we feel showcase and represent the sound of SRR at this time. Just like elements can react in nature to form new compound molecules, in this is a reaction of its own we bring together a plethora of top underground artists to form a new molecule: Vanadium.

Format: Digital
Catalogue Code: SRRDGTL001
Release Date: 1st November 2014