Alhek - Numbing EP Incl. Ness Remix

The talented Alhek brings us an EP, constructed of 3 tracks, and as he likes to call it himself, "the antidote to a day's pain". For that moment, for the climax of the night; for the people that don't ask anything else other than to live; To live a true trip riding on the boundaries of insanity of their own consciousness.

Alhek gives us two very distinct tracks that are guaranteed to inspire and intrigue not only the underground techno scene but in general the whole electronica domain. The first track "Numbing" contruscts an atmosphere of uncertainty if not almost fear. It's like gambling sanity at the edge of cliff. Bewildering modulating pads bring a sense of urgency as the wailing synth gives an unremitting feeling of insecurity. Just the name of the second track, "Inertia", pretty much describes the essence of this composition. A superb & somnolent driving techno track that is almost sedative in its nature. This time we have the skilful and dexterous Ness remixing "Inertia". Taking an already compelling composition he adds a new dimension making the remix deep and hypnotic yet very intriguing and energetic.

When you listen to this EP your heart pulsates to the groove, your blood boils for the rhythm and your soul lingers from one side of the room to the other. It almost reminds us of a film or a video set in the 90's where a human being, without the use of drugs, succeeded in penetrating the depths of their own intimacy.

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
Soluxion Lab - Mastering
SRR002 - Catalogue Code
07 April 2014- Release date