Patrick siech, Claudio prc, amandra & mynude - alternate probabilities

Patrick siech, Claudio prc, amandra & mynude - alternate probabilities

Following the release of Alex Tomb's latest album the only thing that made perfect sense was that we had to put together a remix release. This time we have Claudio PRC, Patrick Seich, Amandra and Mynude. A 12" inch that see's Patrick Seich and Mynude sharing the A side by delivering a sub destroyer with delicate overtones and a hypnotic yet powerful rework, respectively. On the B side we have Amadra Roses opening with a beautiful and smooth interpretation followed by a trip of pure auditory sensation by none other than Claudio PRC.

Format: 12 " Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR007
Release date: 29 Sep 2017

Sirio Gry J - Human Enhancement Inc. Ken Karter & Mynude

Sirio Gry J - Human Enhancement Inc. Ken Karter & Mynude

The newest entry in the SRR catalogue comes from founder of Monolith Records and resident of Liber Null Berlin, Sirio Grimaldi. The release delivers a collection of tracks deeply inspired by human genetics and nanotechnology where in a post-industrial techno conundrum heavy distortion and deep sub frequencies merge together to bring to life a dark, heavy yet delicate avante-garde modern techno intepretation. Ken Karter and Mynude support the release by sharing their interpretations of the two main tracks with hypnotic unorthodox techno rollers.

Format: 12 " Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR006
Release date: 29 Sep 2016

Dubit & Mynude - Essence

After 3 years season 1 comes to an end. The birth of concept that has led to the evolution of who we are today. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented artists that have been an inspiration to us helping us shape and form a part of our identity. That is because several reasons is not just about the music, it is about the experience; the exploration; the collaboration; the up times and the down times; the good times and the better times; for the journey…

Format: 12" Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR005
Release date: 18 September 2015

Dubit & RVO - XXX EP incl. Giorgio Gigli & Mynude

For our fourth release of the season we have a collaboration EP by Dubit alongside the extremely talented dutch man, Reggy Van Oers. This collab delivers a fusion of experimental future grooves with mysterious atmospheres and psychoacoustic approach which will tingle the senses.

Format: 12" Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR004
Release date: 12 December 2014

Deam - Empie EP Incl. Eomac, Myler & Dubit Remixes

For our 3rd Vinyl release the keyword to demonstrate is freedom. A word that today is always more and more eclipsed. Starting with an Original Mix from our young french talent Deam, with his solid and hypnotic basslines, "Empie" is a well executed raw techno track. The release is completed by remixes from Dubit, Eomac and Myler.

Format: 12" Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR003
Release date: 01 August 2014

Alhek - Numbing EP Incl. Ness Remix

The talented Alhek brings us an EP, constructed of 3 tracks, and as he likes to call it himself, "the antidote to a day's pain". For that moment, for the climax of the night; for the people that don't ask anything else other than to live; To live a true trip riding on the boundaries of insanity of their own consciousness.

Format: 12" Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR002
Release date: 07 April 2014

Dubit & Scalameriya - Instinct Incl. Dadub remix

The first release of Several Reasons comes from the talented Dubit and Scalameriya. The amalgamation of these two minds delivers a striking musical interpretation of the core essence and heart of Several Reasons. Seasoned veterans and formidable duo Dadub join the release to render an outstanding heavy dub-techno remix of an already brilliant track which is guaranteed to be one to listen again and again.

Format: 12" Vinyl / Digital
Catalogue Code: SRR005
Release date: 06 May 2013