Sirio Gry J - Human Enhancement Inc. Ken Karter & Mynude

The newest entry in the SRR catalogue comes from founder of Monolith Records and resident of Liber Null Berlin, Sirio Grimaldi. The release delivers a collection of tracks deeply inspired by human genetics and nanotechnology where in a post-industrial techno conundrum heavy distortion and deep sub frequencies merge together to bring to life a dark, heavy yet delicate avante-garde modern techno intepretation. Ken Karter and Mynude support the release by sharing their interpretations of the two main tracks with hypnotic unorthodox techno rollers. "Genetics and nanotechnology are projected to use the very building blocks of life and some of the smallest structures of matter to transform the human experience and apply technology to overcome physical or mental limitations of the body. The temporary or permanent augmentation of a person's abilities and features, to characterize interventions designed to improve human form or functioning beyond what is necessary to sustain or restore good health, will set a different standard and new requirements to find a spot within the roles. Those who choose not to enhance themselves may be ostracized, crushed by those who chased their threshold to maximize their ego..."

Julien Vassiades - Artwork
Artefacts Mastering - Mastering
SVRL006/SRR006 - Catalogue Code
29 Sep 2016 - Release date

...a dark & heavy yet delicate avant-garde modern techno interpretation...

selected feeback

Paula Temple
‘’The Threshold Of Pain is a favourite.’’

‘’Dope! The Threshold of Pain is the outstanding one for me.’’

‘’Feeling the Mynude Remix. Thanks.’’

Orde Meikle / Soma + Slam
‘’Raw and dark - thanks.’’

Dax J
‘’A1 is huge - thanks!’’

‘’Really like the remixes on here. Thanks.’’

Marcel Dettmann

‘’Love The Threshold Of Pain, thanks!’’

Stephanie Sykes
‘’Awesome EP, Thank you very much!!’’

Tomohiko Sagae
‘’Excellent EP!’’

JP Enfant / LET, De School
‘’The Threshold of Pain and Genetic Enhancement (Ken Karter Remix) are great!!’’

Ryuji Takeuchi
‘’Great release. Ken Karter remix for me.’’

Takaaki Itoh
‘’The Threshold Of Pain (Mynude Remix) is for me.’’

‘’Good step into the industrial Techno. I like A1 & B2. I will follow closely the evolution of their sound. Thanks for the music!’’

Angel Molina
‘’Very into both versions of The Threshold of Pain, but Mynude Remix is the one I´ll play the most, thanks!’’

Chris Stanford
‘’Ken Karter remix is badass. Good release throughout!’’

‘’This is a really good one guys. I especially love the slow hypnotic progression in B1 - I'll play it.’’

Robert Lamart
‘’Amazing! Full support.. Thanks.’’

‘’Great release! A solid industrial infused hammer, its nice to hear remixes that don't sound like the originals - well done!!’’

Surit / NX1
‘’Both first and second tracks are good here for me. Thanks.’’

Patrik Skoog
‘’Awesome tracks, support.’’

‘’The Threshold Of Pain for me!! Amazing release and remixes!’’

‘’The Threshold Of Pain (original mix)... mindblowing!! powerful release.’’

‘’Love the EP! My fav are both The Threshold Of Pain and Genetic Enhancement (Ken Karter Remix). Will buy for sure!! 10/10’’

‘’Very good stuff!! Will play - Genetic Enhancement (Ken Karter Remix) - my favorite.’’

‘’Amazing release. Mynude Remix is on fire.’’