In ancient script "Svarog" is said to be the Slavic deity of celestial fire and of blacksmithing. Oleksa combines saturated timbres, industrial sounds and atmospheric textures with often broken beats whilst mostly drawing inspiration from nature and architecture.


Wataru Abe

Wataru Abe, a versatile musician and composer with a rich musical background that ranges from classical to jazz music after attending Berklee College of Music. He works with a bunch of sound programming and more specifically MAX/MSP. As a solo artist, he focuses on generating sounds from mathematic algorithms such as life automata, strange attractors, and modifying them to physically perceivable beat. This release is not for the faint hearted; only the bravest will see the beauty in the mechanical madness, industrial havoc and stochastic repetition. A true challenge to ones perception of sound, noise and silence.



Scalameriya [Nikola Grebovic] is a producer, live-performance artist and dj from Kragujevac, Serbia. Learning about music production and dj-ing from a very young age, has enabled him to discover different ways of making fresh music and creating unforgettable moments on the dance floor. Influenced with old-school techno, he is trying to mold his own version of energy in electronic music. His main inspiration comes from science fiction movies, anime, machines, mythology, ghosts, monsters, ancient technology and future.

With more than 40 releases behind him, Nikola appears on respected labels such as Planet Rhythm, Driving Forces, Der Hut, Eminor, Smallroom, Phobiq, Globox, Konstructure and many more. At some point, he decided to open his own music label, Genesa Records.



Raven is a composer, producer, & sound artist currently residing in Montana, US. The influence of his productions are projected from the very fine soil that reigns the forest, to the savage industrial force that crushes them. Using only field recordings, recorded instruments, and minimal samples, the productions are intended to be a unique and original listening experience.



Founders, owners and the musical brainchild of Chris & Julien. It all came together back on a late night just as the end of 2006 was around the corner. The moment when realization struck of their mutual musical interests which gave birth to MYNUDE.


Reggy Van Oers


Reggy Van Oers (RVO) has definitely found a sound that fits the world of techno. His trademark has become a dive into trance-inducing darkness, which can be heard on his releases, his many remixes and his track selection in general. With the experimental nature of his techno style he creates a 3 dimensional environment in his tracks, it combines melodic elements with deep hypnotizing rhythms that roll off your body and stay ever changing.



Dubit is the producing and performing Alias of the Italian experimental-electronic composer Pier Alfeo. Field recordings of environmental sound events, either natural or produced by anthropic contexts, provides the main source of sound research for the electronic productions. 'Concrete' materials become the basis for acoustic and anthropological research, sonorizations applied to visual, performing arts and experimental electronic compositions.

Dubit is also founder, mastering engineer and sound designer at Soluxion Lab, check it for more info.